Silent Christians

Silent Christians

John W. Stott wrote a book entitled, Our Guilty Silence about Christianity’s failure to tell their world about Jesus.  I’ll have to find and reread it.  But I think I can put our silence in perspective, at least I hope I can.

The stats are a couple of years old, but the studies report that well over 90% of believers never share about Jesus or their faith in their whole lifetime.  Not a single one.  That’s pretty quiet.  That’s pretty scary when you consider that the number one thing a Christian is to do is to share their faith in Jesus.

Calling progrmas . . . once a great thing is sometimes effective but nobody wants to go door-to-door especially when they don’t know anyone in those neighborhoods.

Canned evangelism programs are only effective for some and only for some situations, plus memorizing them is as hard as memorizing scripture.

Do I talk to people at work?  My father was told he couldn’t, but he still did.  Do I force myself on someone I know just to so I can say I’m part of the 7% that share their faith?

Is there a better solution than calling programs, evangelism tools, forceful efforts.

Probably so.  Let’s look for that in future posts.

From Jeff, past, present and future evangelizer

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