Talking Faith


I met Jeb in the park last night.  I had a meeting with a family and arrived early.  That’s when I met Jeb.

Jeb was there with his dog and was relaxing.  Like a lot of situtations when you first meet someone, there is a lot of small talk.  I asked him if he knew where a particular funeral home was located because I had a funeral on Friday.  That’s when Jeb opened up.

Jeb’s a Christian.  Like a lot of Christians, he has experienced hard times in his life.  For instance, he lost a sister to cancer 14 years ago than 3 months later he lost his mother.  He shared how recently, God, had been providing for him.  He’s been down on his luck you might say.  And a Christian he knows offered to let him stay at his place and on a couple of occasions gave him some needed cash without any indication from Jeb that he was in need.

Jeb told me more.  His is an incredible story of God at work in the life of a humble man, who simply trusts in God.  just in time for me to talk with a young woman and her husband about the funeral for mother on Friday and share Jesus with them some more.

Thank God I met Jeb last night.

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