Planting Churches

Let's be Spiritual Enviromentalists
Let’s be Spiritual Enviromentalists

Caring for and protecting our enviroment is pretty important, even critical.  Planting trees is very important in particular.  They take the bad stuff out of the air and reproduce it in oxygen, I guess.  I remember that from science class.

Trees are important to the enviroment.  They help with oxygen, they help prevent erosion, they provide needed shade, they pretty the place up too.  Trees are pretty important and we need to plant more.
When I was 12 or 13 years old, dad made me dig up the front yard.  We wanted a tree in the front.  Before we could plant it, I had to dig the plastic that got covered over when they built our house.  After what seemed like weeks but was probably 4 or 5 days, I had dug out the plastic and prepared a hole that dad and I set a tree in.  It was full of water, and we covered the roots and tethered the tree until it took root and was able to stand alone.  It is now, 35 years later, tall, branched out, and giving shade and makes the old homestead pretty.  I got to dig and plant a couple more trees in the back yard that give shade and pretty up the yard.
I am president of a Christian men’s fellowship whose first purpose is to plant churches in our region.  We haven’t started a church in over 21 years.  I’d say we have gotten away from our purpose. 
Tonight, we voted to begin to fulfill our purpose again.  That means that sooner or later, as opportunity arises, we will be involved in planting churches.  I am excited about this because this fellowship was dying on the vine.  Basically all they’ve been doing for years is meeting.  That’s part of their function but doesn’t meet the purpose.
I envision church planting as spiritual environmentalism.  Let’s imagine we have planted a maple tree.  1_box_elder_mapleWe care for the tree, we water and fertilize and protect it and rejoice when it produces leaves and every year it’s stands a little taller and it’s branches spread out a little further and it grows and grows into a beautiful, tall tree that brings pleasant shade to anyone who needs it.
As the maple grows at the right time, it lets its seeds fly and float to the ground to bear tree-children, or rather, so that another maple or more will grow and do the same thing.  Produce oxygen, shade, and seeds, reproducing to help the enviroment.
Planting churches is kind of like planting a maple tree.  When we have carefully chosen where to plant it, and we nurture and protect it, the church grows and begins to reproduce itself in souls won and churches planted.
Why plant churches?  Check out the September 6, 2009 issue of the Christian Standard (
It matters because God uses churches to change the world.  Let’s plant churches and be world changers.

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