“I Hate Religion!”

Mr-Bill-5403She said, “Why don’t you ever come to church on Wednesday nights?”

He said “Because I’m not a Christian.”

Than after an exchange I couldn’t hear, I heard him say “Because I hate religion!.”

As I was getting ready to blog here, I heard this exchange between a couple of high school students at McDonald’s.  But that is the issue isn’t it.  People hate religion.

I’m willing to bet that the young man like so many others believe that Christianity is about being an organization instead of about being a relationship with God.

If religion is about organization, I hate it too.  I’ve set through too many elders and board meetings that were not about developing relationships that provide opportunities to grow in and toward Christ

Here’s the question: When people who are not followers of Christ look at us, what do they see?  Do they see Christ or do they see a bunch of rituals to be followed and kept?  Do you reflect Christ or do you reflect an organization.


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