It Better be True!

joytoworldIf we’re going to believe in Jesus, the things that we know about him had better be true.  I mean, if what we know about Jesus from the Bible isn’t true and trustworthy, our believing is futile and useless.

If we can’t trust the Bible to tell us the truth about Jesus, than, well, you’re getting the picture aren’t you?

The Bible is one of the most reliable documents in history.  Of course if God is behind it, what else would we expect.  If we can’t trust the Bible, than we can’t trust what the Bible teaches us, especially about Jesus.  And if this is true, we can’t trust God either.

Lee Strobel has made several investigations into the claims about Jesus and faith.  In his search, and he is qualified to search, he has found qualified and certain evidence for the reliability, the accuracy, the integrity, and the veracity of the Bible.

We can trust what the Bible says.

I haven’t gone into great detail, there are several outstanding books documenting what we’re talking here, such as Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, Ben Wilson, and Lynn Gardner, but there is one more element that I haven’t made reference too and its this; the unity of the message of the Bible.

This unity is impossible for people, but not for God.  The 1500 year period, the numerous authors at different times and in different places and from different backgrounds that produced a unified message about one being, Jesus Christ the Son of God could only come from one source, the heart, mind and hand of God.


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