Before She Falls Off the Cliff

u turnShe was walking away, heading toward the cliff and if she doesn’t stop she’ll fall to her death.  All at once she stopped, turned and began walking back the way she had come.  Her change of mind saved her life.  You could say she repented.  She repented of the direction she was going.

That’s what repentance really is.  Stopping the direction you’re going, turning around and going back in the direction you came.

Imagine your life apart from Christ, your life of sin that has separated you from God and salvation as walking toward a steep, tall cliff.  That’s where sin is leading you.  Into an eternal chasm sometimes called the pit, or the abyss, and mostly known as hell.  When you realize you are a sinner when you compare yourself to Jesus and God’s Word who is going to perish (c.f., John 3:16) if something right doesn’t happen in your life, needing a change and wanting a change, that’s when you repent.  You change your direction, a 180 degree turn around and you begin moving toward God and his way, from now on.

That’s what repentance is!  But it takes an enormous level of trust in God to repent.  Will he accept my repentance?  Will he forgive me of my sin if I ask?  Will it matter at all?  Well, we’ll be discussing this part of the salvation issue.  Just as belief is necessary, so is repentance.


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