Just Playin’ Church

School Kids (1)When I was a kid, my brother Gary and my sister Dena and I would play church.

We’d set up the basement like a church.  Dad’s old Air Force foot locker which was our toy box, was our communion table.  We’d set up something, I forget what, as a podium and the kid chairs we had and we’d try to imitate church.

I got to be brother Kenny, our preacher.  He led songs and preached and preached in a very animated manner.  So I’d lead songs and we’d have communion, the pieces were from Dena’s tea set.  Gary and I would pass communion and the offering.  Then I’d preach.  Probably from John 3:16 and wave my arms and get real animated like Brother Kenny.  When we offered the invitation, Dena and Gary came forward to be baptized.

Now it’s surprising that I didn’t hurt them.  We’d go into the stairwell.  We lived in a split-level house and I’d pretend to baptize them on the stair.  No, I never dropped them down the stairs by accident or on purpose.  Then we’d go off and play another game.

You know, we knew we weren’t really doing church.  We were just playing a game.  We were playing church.

A lot of people in church are just playing church, but they don’t know that they are.  They just sit in the seats and sing the songs and listen to the words and share communion and possibly give a $5 or $10, if they have it, but they are not really doing church.

A hypocrite is someone is claims to be something that they are not.  We’re not talking someone who has made a mistake or two, but is constant in their hypocrisy, in their lying about who they and sometimes they are lying to themselves and don’t know it themselves.

And Jesus says unless your righteousness surpasses those of the religious leaders you won’t enter the kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 5:20), implying that the leaders he is referring too, are filled with hypocrisy.

I must admit, and I deal with it everyday, there are hypocrites in this world.  There are hypocrites in the church, and there are hypocrites in the world.  It’s actually worse in the world than in the church, but people are blinded to it because a lot of them are looking for an excuse so they don’t have to do church.

If you are a Christian, please examine yourself and if there is any, clear yourself of hypocrisy, use the Bible, use prayer, and repent.  Many of us need to recognize that we are playing church . . .  at church.



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