I want to make a special request of you.  About a week ago (Dec. 29, 2009) I posted a tribute to a man of God, a man full of faith and eternal life and shared about his faith as cancer is taking his life

Jim is about to experience life.  Hospice called me this afternoon to inform me that Jim may only have a couple of days left here on this planet.

My little church is making preparations to care for Jim and his wife in the coming days.  I have a special request of you.  Please pray for Jim and his family.

Life is precious, that is why so many of stand up against abortion and it’s supporters.  Life is precious, but eternal life is extraordinary.  Jim is ready to meet the Almighty God of creation and his Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

His life is in God’s hands and always has been.  His soul will leave the tent which is his body, very soon, and take up residence in the richest neighborhood there, where God’s house has had a room added on for hiim.

There is going to mourning and crying as well as laughter and rejoicing.  Pray for Jim as he goes through these last days and for his wife and family as they continue to trust in God the way they have learned from this extraordinary man of fatih.

1 thought on “Pray

  1. Prayers are being said for Jim and his family, both immediate and extended. Prayers for the body of believers there as they come together during this time and support and encourage one another and that when the time comes it will not be such a time of sorrow as a time of rejoicing as a brother goes home.

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