God and Haiti

I am burdened deep in my heart at the moment.  I remember when New Orleans was devastated by a hurricane.  Now Port-au-Prince, Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake.

But, the most important thing is that the people of Haiti still need Jesus.  There is a lot religious superstition and the practice of voo-doo in Haiti, but the Gospel is greater than superstition and more powerful than evil spirits.

Jesus can change the heart of the most educated individual and those who barely know how to talk.  Jesus can heal wounded bodies and injured hearts.  Jesus can free from bondage by demons and the powerful effects of sin.

Is this judgment from God as some modern day “prophets” have declared?  I don’t know.  God hasn’t told me, but more important than that, the message of Good News brought as help comes from the devastating effects of the earthquake can draw many Haitian people into God’s family of the saved.

That is one of the reasons so many of us support mission work in Haiti.  One of which is our brother and native Haitian, Salonique Adolphe.  Pray for Salonique and the Living Water church as they minister too the people of Port-au-Prince.



4 thoughts on “God and Haiti

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