Wanting to Trust Other People

I told you about this young lady in a earlier post https://blogthechurch.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/i-have-trouble-trusting-others/.  I am being given the chance to build trust with her.  Let’s call her Tina.

Visiting the facility the other day, I spent time with 4 different students.  I got to talk with one about a weekly Bible study we are preparing that she is looking forward too, and another, played and sang some songs she has written, and of  course Tina.  She asked this other young lady if she could play “Open the Eyes of  My Heart.”  She didn’t know it.

When the other young lady finished and went to get cleaned up for lunch, she let Tina play her guitar.  As she fiddled around, she asked me if I knew how to play.  I’ve been playing since I was her age.  She handed me the guitar and I noodled on it for a moment and then began playing “Open the Eyes of My Heart.”  We started singing it and she got happier than she already was.  Then she asked me to show her how to play the song.  So I showed her how to form the basic chords of the song, even writing down the chord pictures for her and she was playing “Open the Eyes of My Heart.”

I enjoyed a chicken enchilada lunch with the girls and Tina kept going over the song as we ate and we worked on it again for a moment after lunch  to help her remember how to play it.  She is very excited.

There is a truth that goes something like this, “It takes forever to build trust, but it only takes a rumor to destroy it.”  I hope that I am building trust with Tina so that I can impact her life with positive encouragement, hope, and even faith in God.  It may take time.  I am going to invest the time.


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