Justified Like Abraham?

Abraham's Three Visitors

The story of Abraham’s life is very interesting. At the end of Genesis 11, we are suddenly introduced to Abram. We are told who his family is and that’s about it. Then chapter 12 begins with God’s call and promise to Abram.

Abraham (or Abram before God changed his name) was an incredibly devout man of faith in God. He believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. His faith saved him.

I mentioned in an earlier post that a young man had asked me about justification. His primary concern was when we believed justification happened.

Salvation is by faith, in Christ, not by works of the Law (the Old Covenant Law of Moses). Read Romans, especially chapters 3-6.  What is involved in faith? Well there is belief in Jesus the Son of God who has been raised from the dead and there is turning as Martin Luther described it; repentance. Turning from sin, changing our way of life from sin to righteous living. And there is confession; confessing Jesus and next comes immersion and of course a faithful life. These are the elements of salvation.

So when does justification take place? When I explained to the young man that it is through faith and faith is the process of belief-repentance-confession-immersion-and faithfulness he asked about these verses in Romans 4:

1What then shall we say that Abraham, our forefather, discovered in this matter? 2If, in fact, Abraham was justified by works, he had something to boast about—but not before God. 3What does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”  Romans 4:1-3, NIV

Abraham’s process of faith didn’t involve the activities of confession, repentance, or baptism, just believing God and living faithfully to God. That’s OK and here is why:

  • God can do anything he wants. So if he chooses to save Abraham or Jesus chooses to forgive the paralytic’s sins or promises the thief on the cross next to him that he would share paradise with him, that’s OK. He can do whatever he wants however he wants.
  • Abraham lived before Jesus lived especially before his death and resurrection. A different dispensation of time. That matters a lot.
  • And faith is the complete activity of faith, obedience, and faithfulness which after the cross and tomb of Jesus involves belief, repentance, confession, baptism and faithfulness from now on.

We are justified when our faith if complete. I don’t mean finalized, but complete. We have done and have accepted and God has done and given all that he calls for and promises.

Am I justified by faith? Yes. When? When faith is completed. Like Abraham’s.



2 thoughts on “Justified Like Abraham?

  1. the bible teaches the apearing of god in he form of the spirit come down through his prophet eligiahMAL 4 NOT 3 THAT WAS THE BAPTIST . ELIGAH OF 4 IS JUST BEFORE THE BURNING , jesus said eligah has come and surely shell come . then we are raptured when the sprit leaves the world incarnate back in his dear son for the marriage supper of the lamb and his bride , then he comes back to the jews like to joseph and his brothers after joseph put his gentile bride in the palace see raptured the bride . wel its all right on time god interprets his own word by bringing it to pass and vindicates it to be the truth duet chap 18 then look out if you disbeleave . you have no right to pick and choose from the bible what we want to beleave we must beleave all of it , if you have the holy spirit in you who is the word how could he in you disagree with one word of his own word .

  2. as god came to abrajam so he came to the royal seed of abraham mal ch 4 v 5 to 6 . this was the son of man ministry the apearing in the ministry of william branham the same sign was shown .he 4 v 12 he reveald the secret of sari heart when shw was in the tend , same sign in jesus he told people their name waht they were thinking see , then again in his vindicated prophet in this day and they missed it .`he restored what the denomonations bugs had destroyed he restored her to pauls dhospel , and the baptisim of the spirit , there has always been a carnal church and a spiritual church from cain and abel it began and on to this day .

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