The Big Event

February 2010 is a big month.  The Super Bowl (and its unfortunate outcome), the 24 hours of Daytona, the Daytona 500, and the Olympic games.  The Olympics are huge.  They’re the most diverse and international thing there is.  Every country can compete, and every one that does, has a chance to win or simply medal, no matter now slim their chance may actually be.

I tend to be a purist.  I don’t believe that true competition involves votes by judges to determine a winner, like gymnastics, figure skating, mogul and stuff like that.  True competition is head-to-head competition against competitors, sometimes comparing times or distances to determine the victor.  Now that I rode my hobby-horse, let me get to the point.

There are lot of big events, in sports, championships, big-time challenges and competitions.  There are big events such as presidential elections, debates over critical and moral issues (such as abortion, universal health-care, global warming, etc.).  We can list a whole lot of things that qualify as big events, but there are four events that are the most important, the biggest of all.

1st – When God created the world. Genesis chapter 1 paints a picture of incredible power and beauty when God made the world and all that is in it as well as creating people.  Adam and Eve being the first ones.  Though they screwed up and sinned, we are heirs of their DNA and students of their example.  We didn’t inherit their sin, but learned how to sin and have followed their example (Cf. Romans 3).

2nd – When Jesus died on the cross. Turn to the end of every one of the four Gospels and you will see Jesus betrayed, arrested, tried, and put to death on a cross.  Cruel and inhuman, but real and true.  His death was to deal with the sin we have all committed.

3rd – When individuals are saved.This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24.  He is referring to the day of salvation.  A double meaning.  Both the moment that God offered salvation when Jesus died for our sins and when we died to sin through faith in Christ for our salvation.

4th – When Jesus comes back a second time. What a time of joy and rejoicing that will be.  It is in that moment that those of us who are in Christ will realize what we have hoped in for so long.  Eternal life where God dwells with us (Revelation 21:3).

The Olympics are a pretty big deal for just about everybody.  But the greatest events of all involve Jesus.  From creation to his second-coming to earth.

I for one am looking forward to that reward.


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