The Future of Faith

Go under water and you discover something a whole lot different from what you will on the surface of the ocean.  On the surface you can move along nicely.  The sun and wind will propel a boat along while you enjoy the day.  But go under the water and there is a current that will take you under and along and the current does not correspond to the movement of the water surface.

That’s kind of how it has been for me.  I will admit, I’m behind my time.  It takes me a while to get some things.  I may be slow in getting some things, but I’m more lazy and uninterested a lot of the time and so it goes on past me without my realizing.  You know, that undersea current.

That’s how it has been with faith and church with me.  I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s.  The communities I’ve lived in have been mostly conservative and slow to accept some change.  So life and faith and church have almost always been the same, very little change.  The music might be modernized, the presentation of sermons and lessons, more visual, and youth events, more eventful, but there has been a current running under the surface of what I have known that was passing me by, where I have not understood how to talk to and reach people with the values that are running in that current.  Postmodernism being one of those currents (methods of thinking).

I get a lot more than I did and I am still trying make sense of reality.  I know what the truth is, but the realities of life require the truth with a different approach.  So I am reading the book, The Future of Faith by Harvard professor Harvey Cox.

“What does the future hold for religion, and for Christianity in particular?  At the millennium (the year 2000) three qualities mark the world’s spiritual profile all reaching into the coming decades” is how the book begins.

We’ll let you know how it ends.  🙂


It will be interesting to see what his evaluation of Church history coupled to wave of thought will be.

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