What’s Biblio-Theology?

It seems the church has always been in a state of flux.  I’m not saying that it should be, I’m admitting this is true.  Changing to meet the times or to combat the pagan, secular, non-Christian world, or even to protect against heresy and false prophets and false teaching.

The problem with so many of these things is that when they are dealt with, the church will often move away from the clear teaching of scripture.  Then the traditions that may or may not be biblical, become equal to or even greater, in their minds and practice than the Scripture.

I will admit that Wikipedia is a dangerous dictionary because people can add to definitions and meanings.  There is, after some searching and finally getting the search terms correct, a form of theology called Biblical Theology.  Here is a one line definition from Wikipedia for Biblical Theology.   “Biblical theology seeks to understand a certain passage in the Bible in light of all of the biblical history leading up to it and later biblical references to that passage.”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_theology

That definition is the essence of Biblio-Theology.  Maybe the term will catch on, probably not.  The matter is what is true and what is right.

Many non-denominational, independent, and inter-dependent churches are doing what the Restoration Movement began doing.  Let the scripture speak for itself and letting God’s word be the only guide and final word on all things in life, including the church.

Instead of reform for Christianity and the church, restoration.  Go back to the Bible and follow the practices of the early church.  That’s why there are so many churches called New Testament churches.  It’s not that they ignore or don’t believe the Old Testament is scripture or doesn’t have value, it’s that since Jesus died and raised, when the church began, the teachings and practices of the church are found in the New Testament.

Over the 2000 year history of the church, man-made concepts and creeds, and scriptural maneuvering (accidental and purposeful) have put barriers between the church and God because they have taken a focus off of God’s Word and on Man’s thoughts.  Let the Bible be our guide, the one and the only guide for understanding and life.


2 thoughts on “What’s Biblio-Theology?

  1. If all only understood the pearl of great price which is the Word of God. The book that lays on a shelf gathering dust….is the ‘knob’ which opens the door (Christ) to Light and Life. Within its pages one can be watch God Create….walk in the Eden with God, Adam, Eve….see the Father lovingly place the coats of skin around His lost children to ‘cover’ their sins with the blood of His sacrifice…see God close the door of the ark and of salvation as the waters of destruction lift God’s children to safety…be on the mount with Moses as he encountered the Glory of God…cross the Red sea on dry ground with Israel…see the walls of Jericho brought down by God through the obedience of his childen….see Jonah give himself a sacrifice for the lost souls aboard the ship as Christ would give Himself for the lost souls of man…and so forth. Within those ‘living’ pages of the Bible…I’ve been with Daniel and the Lions. I’ve walked into the fiery furnace emboldened by the power of God, But of all my travels and experiences within the pages of scripture…..none….none…none is more vivid than seeing the Son of God as the Father withdrew His presence of Light and Life to allow the death of the perfect body and soul of our Savior. I hear His ‘loud’cry, “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”I feel a glimpse of the anguish of His soul as it made it ‘grave with the wicked, and with the rich in death.’ I see and feel the power of the Father’s love as He gave the Son to physical and spiritual death and then quickened Him again with the power of Life. Indeed, the pearl of great price is within reach. And many don’t recognize what is hidden within its dusty covers.

    Wow. Good post. Triggered lots of beautiful thought. thanks.

    Carolyn / internetelias.wordpress.com

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