Today I did something I haven’t for a while.  I went for a stiff walk and ran a little bit too.  Working up a good sweat was my intention and I did.  Just after my turn-around point to head back toward home, a dog comes rushing into the road barking with its teeth bared.

I used to run a lot, several miles a day.  There was a time I carried pepper spray to use on dogs that would chase me.  I asked the police in Vinita, Oklahoma one time if I could carry a billy club to ward off dogs.  They said I could and I could even carry a gun if I wanted.  I carried the billy club.

I learned a long time ago and I have had to do this on several occasions over the years, that when  a dog comes rushing at you, barking and baring its teeth, turn and face the dog.  Dog’s almost always stop a little in front of you and bark and growl and be defensive.

When today’s dog came rushing at me, I turned and faced it trotting backwards into the road, shouting, “Whoa!  Whoa!”  I didn’t show any fear, just turned, commanded and backed away.  Now the owner was calling the dog all along andcame out and got their dog and apologized.

After a little while my mind rested on these passages of scripture.  “Submit yourselves then to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you” James 4:7.  And 1 Peter 5:8-9a.  “Be self-controlled and alert.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Resist him, standing firm in your faith….”

I faced that dog confident that turning and resisting him by facing him off would result in my escape from his attack.

I can face the devil in the same way.  I resist him, by facing him off with my firm faith in Jesus Christ who has already overpowered the devil at the cross.  I am able to overcome because Christ has.  I will stand firm, stay put in my faith and trust and the devil will back away, not because anything about me, but who is in me.  Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God.



3 thoughts on “Face-Off

  1. I’m sorry you feel I maligned the breed. It was a pit bull that charged me, that is why I used the picture. I know they are not what is common. I did NOT put pit bulls down, I was talking about one single dog.

  2. Nice that you decided to use a picture of a pit bull to illustrate your passage. The most maligned of all breeds, and if just a little research is done, anyone can learn that the reputation is not deserved. Loyal to a fault, the most anxious to please, and contrary to popular belief, not only do it’s jaws NOT lock, it does not even carry the strongest bite force in the canine world. In fact, pit bulls are being used as fighters because their desire to please makes them so easily trained and it’s people like you that convince the idiots of the world that they are so vicious and horrible that they should be used to fight. Maybe you should do as your savior did and try leading by example, but in the meantime, wonderful of you and your so forgiving religion to carry on the stereotype. Way to go!

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