Identified by Faith

I took one of our teens to an area youth rally.  He is always excited about youth rallies and church camp.  Chris Wise spoke about two different stones in the Bible; boundary stones and stumbling stones.  On the way home, he told me how he and his new girlfriend had already set boundaries.

I saw the presence of God in that young man.  I saw faith in God in action.

How do we identify God besides in creation, through faith.  Faith that is “active” as the book of James might say.  I’ll  show you my faith by my actions.

How did we know who Jesus was initially? By his deeds.  He helped and healed and cast out demons and just plain showed people goodness and kindness.  They knew he was from God, that God was with him.  They knew that God had sent him.

Look to Jesus to see God, but our examination is about God in us and how faith identifies God.



1 thought on “Identified by Faith

  1. I could not have agreed with you more. What is hidden faith? Two contradictory words. Action is inherent to faith. Thanks for this testimony of faith in action in our young people!


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