Is God in me?

A long time ago, I determined that I wanted people to see the presence of God in me. My desire is that whenever people encounter me, I have placed myself so into God that through the encounter, whether once, or a hundred times, they realized I have been in God’s presence and God is reaching into their life through me.

I have been given a lot of opportunities for God to shine through me.  Countless hours sitting with families as their loved ones go through surgeries.  Endless days staying with hospital patients, holding the hands of several as they died and passed on from this world.  I have been with families when they were suffering from grief when their sons died in tragic vehicle accidents, and preached their funerals and the funerals of murder victims, and the list would seem endless if I continued.

I have been blessed to serve God’s compassion to a lot of people because he has chosen to give me that capability.

How is it that we identify God by our faith?   That is what we will be examining.


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