I am a preacher.  I love to prepare messages that touch the heart and help the believer grow in Christ.  I love being in the pulpit sharing what I have been learning and need to express from God’s Word.  I love the church and want it to grow and be faithful and holy and a witness in the community it is in.

I have served 4 churches in my ministry.  With this fourth congregation, I am serving in a bit of a different way for me.  I am a bi-vocational minister.  I work a full-time job at a juvenile detention center as well as serve a small congregation.  It’s what was once called a tent-making ministry.  Working a job to serve a church.

Some people wonder why I do it, why any of us who are bi-vocational do this.  IT’s pretty simple.  Small church, cannot afford a full-time servant so I work a job and preach and minister to my 40 or so people in the congregation.

Under other circumstances, I would be a full-time minister and I do miss that.  There were certain freedoms and bonuses that come with it.  But, I am a servant of Jesus Christ and where he sends me I will go.  So, a small congregation, needing a minister to preach and care for them and a job opportunity that can take the financial burden of a minister off of them so they can relax and concentrate financially on more important things of ministry and outreach is where God wants me and that is where I am at . . .  and I blessed.

My church family provide a house, an office, and  a small compensation for serving and for that I am grateful too, but at the same time, I have been given more than when I served full-time; closer relationships with my church family, more intimate application with God’s Word (and no I don’t pick on them or single people out, but I am able to apply God’s word better to our situations), and I have more interaction with the community.

I thank God that I have been called to serve and to serve at his discretion and I am content and God is working through me and through my congregation.


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