Every Person

I remember one of the biggest forms of evangelism in America was when we handed out tracts. I’m not sure why we thought that was so good and I’m sure it helped lead some people to Christ, but I was always uncomfortable with them. They seemed to be more about scaring people out of hell than inviting them into heaven.

But some missionaries in Taiwan are taking an approach that has some similarity to the old evangelism tracts with a major and in my opinion positive change. It is scripture, not a story or a discourse on spiritual laws, but just the scripture that helps the people who are overwhelmed by the large amount of scripture of the Bible. They don’t know where to go or where to begin. They don’t know how to make head nor heals of it, but the method that New Tribes Mission has employed seems to be effective in Asian cultures.

Take time to click the link and read the article.


This is more than the tract-like publications New Tribes developed. This is about cultural evangelism – reaching people where they are at.

One of the New Tribes training centers is close to where I live in Camdenton, Missouri. We have several New Tribers (as we affectionately call them) attend our congregation.


What might we learn for our culture from this method?  That might be a question we should investigate.


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