American Church, the Church of I Don’t Know!

I love the church.  It is God’s work on earth.  It is the kingdom of God, the Israel as God intended through Christ’s death. As much as I love the church, there are several issues too.

The church is divided. A majority of churches do not accept the Bible as the full and final authority for faith and life. Doctrine is interpreted and humanly developed and often inconsistent with the Bible. Read Christianity Today’s report on the Lutheran Church

Let’s consider further the disunity and disgrace that comes with the American church. Almost countless denominations, variations within denominations, differences of opinion within individual churches and splits and divisions running rampant. For instance, in the area I minister in, there are at least 6 churches that have split off of the local Baptist church. I believe there are more and there are a few that have split off the splits in recent years.

Then, there are the varieties of churches with varying beliefs and all claim Biblical, Holy Spirit, or Apostolic authority as the basis for what they accept and teach.

Look at some of the beliefs. Some teach that Jesus is not the only way to salvation. Some don’t even teach Jesus, or doubt his death and resurrection. Some question whether Jesus even came in the flesh (new forms of ancient Gnosticism). And sin is not exempt from the variations.

What is this? It’s a church in Santa Monica

Here’s the new spin on sin:

  • Lying is acceptable. Once a student told their Home Ec teacher that they couldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t lie.
  • Homosexuality is not condemned in the Bible therefore it is not sin and is accepted and may be endorsed by God.
  • Sex before marriage is expected. Googling statistics on premarital sex, it appears that now 82-95% of people have had sex before marriage.

The church is lost in…

The American church is the church of “I don’t know.” When one looks at the church, one may not know what to think or believe because of the variations and differences. There is one truth and variation is not allowed.

If Jesus or the Apostles appeared in your church’s meeting next Sunday, would they recognize the church of Jesus Christ, that he had the Apostles establish? I have my doubts that they would recognize the Church of Christ because sin and compromise have been the trend of the church in America.

What is the solution? Repent and follow the Scriptures alone. The Scriptures are the Bible, exclusively. Jesus is the only way to salvation. The Bible is the only and final rule of faith. And the only revelation God will give is Jesus’ second coming which we do not know when it is.



6 thoughts on “American Church, the Church of I Don’t Know!

  1. I read about issues in the Methodist church denomination today on Christianity Today’s website. You are right, it is widespread. I hope you keep reading and sharing with my blog. God bless you and may the joy of the Lord be yours.

  2. Great post! I belong to a Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ church in Oregon that was formed this year, is grounded in the Word of God alone and teaches salvation by faith in Jesus alone. It was the ELCA belief that Jesus was not necessary for salvation and that it was not necessary that a Christian believe Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born that led me to leave my ELCA church along with a large group of others and form this new church. It is good to know there are others out there here in the blog world who are willing to take a stand on God’s Word, just as Luther did. Peace, Linda

    • Thank you for reading the blog. I am encouraged by your comments of standing on God’s word. I want you to know I wasn’t trying to pick on the Lutheran church, I just read the issue they have recently gone through and it was a fresh example in my mind. The reality is that the issue of failing to stand on God’s Word is common in every denomination and church groups. We must continue to preach the truth of Scripture. It’s what God gave us. God bless you and stand firm. Jeff Jordan

      • No worries. I didn’t think you were picking on the Lutherans and understand that what that denomination has been going through is indeed a fresh example of what is happening in many mainline denominations. Peace, Linda

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