Christmas is Coming Soon

It’s Friday, one week before Christmas day as I write this. I’m sitting in Panera Bread with a cup of coffee and a gingerbread man cookie. I’m taking the cookie home.

There is Christmas music playing from the ceiling. Blue Christmas, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, and others.

Everyone is in a festive mood. Life seems good even when it isn’t.

So, what are you doing with Christmas this year. Has your focus been on Christ? Will it remain on Christ? The thing is, Christmas is where Christ is.

Without Christ, there is no “Christ”-mas. I know you’re seeing and hearing that all over the place, but that is the reality of it. Without Christ, there is no Christmas.

Over the next week, we’ll take a test (sort of) and see how well we know the account about the birth of Jesus Christ.



2 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming Soon

  1. Heartbroken, I am so sorry. It disappoints me that churches do not have services on Christmas. I know of some and am disappointed myself. We will be having service at the church I minister with, though I will be out of town myself. The only reason we won’t have services is if the weather shuts everything down.

    I cannot justify what others do, and I don’t want to try to judge, but it is disappointing. I hope you will find a church that will continue to have services. If you were near my church, you would be welcome I assure you.

    May God bless you. I pray that you have a Merry Christmas and I appreciate your desire. If more Christians and more churches had the same passion you have for Christ we would have changed the world.

  2. Well, I’d like to say I’ll be in Church on Christmas morning but I can’t find a Church that will be open. Seems Churches are choosing to stay home, sleep in, open presents or whatever. Many of us heathens only get to go on Special holidays because of work schedules and then bamm so in your face about my not being welcome by the Church. Is it that I’m not welcome or the Church is not as concerned with Worshipping Christ on Christmas as they are about worshipping gifts? Putting family above Christ is not an excuse either. Be honest it’s not about family if it were the family would all be in Church putting Christ in Christmas.

    My gusess is that so many accepted Church being closed years ago when it fell on Sunday and we all boohooed about having to give a sermon on Christmas morning that they just decided to close up on all Christmas but still be good little Christians and spread the word about saying Merry Christmas and putting Christ back into Christmas .

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