Bald Men’s Church

“Now, if a man loses the hair of his head, he is bald: he is clean” (Leviticus 13:40).

Considering this passage, there are a couple of things to note here. First there is the obvious. When a guys hair falls out, he is bald. Approximately one half of all men go bald. That’s a sizable amount. If there were only a few, the significance of baldness would be less, but this is huge. The Bible says that Elijah was bald. Tradition reports that the apostle Paul was bald. I’m going bald, maybe you are too.

There is something else to note here. If the guy is bald, he is clean. That is huge.

Clean, cleanse, cleansed. The New Testament uses the term to illustrate freedom from sin, being washed clean from sin, picturing sin as dirt, filth that needs to be washed away.

Therefore, when we look at Leviticus 13:40, we realize that all bald men are going to heaven because they are bald. Since they are bald they are clean, they are cleansed of sin.

I think I’ll start a church for bald men. It should go over good. We’ll teach each other how to care for bald skin, and encourage one another because we are bald.


Honestly, how ridiculous is this? It’s pretty silly, maybe even stupid, but when I take that verse out of context, I can do about anything I want with it, even if it is totally wrong, scripturally and contextually.

There are a couple of things wrong here. One, if there were a church of bald men only, the glare would be blinding, but the issue is how to interpret scripture.  The context of Leviticus 13:40 is leprosy. God is informing the Israelites in this verse that just because a man loses his hair means he is simply bald, he doesn’t have leprosy. He is clean from

leprosy. It is not a skin disease it just means they have no hair.

You’ve heard the one where each day a woman simply opens her Bible and drops her finger on the open page and whatever verse she lands on is her daily devotional. One day, she opened her Bible and dropped her finger and landed on this verse; “He went away and hanged himself” Matthew 27:5). The woman thought this wasn’t an appropriate devotional thought, so she closed her Bible, opened it again and dropped her finger on the page and this is what it said, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37).

That’s a pretty iffy way to try to understand scripture. Random verse selection, ignoring contexts, interpreting through a modern lens with little regard for the author’s intended meaning. And we can develop understandings and doctrines that are mistaken and false and fail to honor God and obey God in the ways he has given because it is our ideas not God’s that we are following and promoting.

Misused and misunderstood scripture is dangerous for all of us. We can go the wrong way because of it.


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