Resurrection Sunday is Coming

The anniversary of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is coming in just a few weeks. Jesus raised about 1,980 years ago and we recognize his resurrection regularly. I mean, without Jesus’ death and resurrection there wouldn’t be much to live for. Life would be fruitless and the current narcissistic┬ásociety we live in would be the best. Live for all you’ve got and do whatever you want and you will be fulfilled.

But life is not about us. It is about our relationship with God. Yahweh is holy. His relationship with humanity is based on his holiness and our relationship with God is based on whether we accept holiness or not.

Jesus, God come to earth (ie., Emmanuel) is the only human who ever lived completely sinless. Jesus was and is holy. His death on the cross is our sacrifice to atone for our sinfulness and make us holy.

I recognize Jesus death and resurrection every day, at the least by living my life according to Jesus’ holiness that he gave me through my salvation. I celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection every Sunday. Worship on Sunday is the weekly celebration of Jesus’ resurrection because he raised on Sunday. The Lord’s Supper is the weekly celebration of Jesus’ death.

What is your plans for the annual anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection?



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