New Year’s Ideas

Here we are. It is 2013. when I graduated from high school, 1975, I thought the year 2000 was so far away it might never arrive. I was wrong, lol. We are now in the thirteenth year of the 21st century. Go figure.

With every new year, many people have made “new year’s resolutions.” And it won’t take very long before most people lose track of their resolutions and fail to meet them. I personally do not know anyone who has ever accomplished their new year’s resolutions. I haven’t broken one in over a decade. There is a simple reason for this. I don’t make any so I don’t break any, LOL.

However, each year with the church I serve as pastor, we begin each year with a new focus. For 2013, we have chosen to direct our focus completely around the Bible. Our motto is “Connecting people to God; connecting people to God’s Word.”

We have all made commitments to read through the Bible together. We are determined to let the Bible our only source of teaching for understanding the Bible and life. And I am making a more concerted effort to preach less topically and more exegetically where we let the Scripture speak for itself.

I believe that is close to a series of new year’s resolutions. But it is not just personal, it is corporate. We are doing it together. We are chosing to learn and grow in faith together because we are a church that belongs to Christ.

We want to be people of the word. Will you too?