One of My Favorite Songs

I listen regularly to Degarmo and Key. I bought their first LP, “This Time Thru” in 1977-78 when it was first issued before I knew who D&K were. Here is one of my all time favorite D&K songs, Emmanuel. It’s from their reunion concert at Cornerstone festival in 2008.



U2 Praise

Following up the previous post, here are a couple of videos of U2 apparently reflecting their Christ values.

This one has Bono reciting scripture at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast at the end.

Dana Key 1954-2010

A lot of Christians including myself are in mourning.  One of the greatest of all musicians has died, Dana Key.  He was a guitar player, songwriter, singer, band leader, preacher, and someone who was totally sold out to Christ.

I saw Degarmo & Key in concert more than any other band or artist and they rocked.

The first time I saw D&K was in Tulsa at the ORU Mabee center and they were recording their first live album.  I watched Dana Key play as if Eric Clapton had become a Christian.  Every time D&K performed they rocked, but more than that, their passion for Christ was out there.

They preached but weren’t preachy.  After most of the concerts I saw, Dana would come out, sit on the edge of the stage and just talk about each person’s need to know Christ.  Dana’s Memphis tinged blues/rock and smoky voice hit you in the heart.  You were drawn into Christ as if you couldn’t resist.

This Time Thru; 1978

I was in college when the first D&K album, “This Time Thru” came out.  I saw the album and the cover caught my attention and then the name of the band was intriguing.  A great album and the song “Emmanuel” has been a 30-plus year favorite of mine.  I still have it on vinyl.

D&K were the first Christians to be rejected by MTV.  Their video of the “666” was too scary because supposedly the flames behind the devil character that seemed to all but engulf the guy.  They redid that part of the video ( v=Z7Cdxl4INfw ).

Dana Key was passionate about Christ.  Read this article and hear what Toby Mac, Todd Agnew and others had to say about Dana –  Even his solo albums, were all about Jesus.

In the last years that D&K toured together, they brought Francis Schaefer along and promoted the NIV Student Bible.  They worked hard to get people into the Word.  I suppose that’s why he became a pastor of TLC church in Cordova, TN.

I love all their songs.  But I believe one song in particular is the definitive song expressing exactly who Dana was.  Casual Christian. “I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be a casual Christian.   I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna live a lukewarm life.  Cause I wanna light up the night with an everlasting light.  I don’t wanna live a casual Christian life.”

I thank God for Dana Key, his faith and his passion.  He has affected my faith as much as any person.


PS: Todd Agnew’s tribute to Dana Key,

Deep and Dark or Light and Happy

I love to play music.  My instrument is the guitar. I read about the guitar, surf the net in search of guitar info, and listen to mostly guitar music.  Guys like Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Al Dimeola and I can go on and on with a list of guitarists I love to listen to.

This evening I was reading the latest edition of Guitar World magazine with Jimi Hendrix on the cover (

In the interview with Joe Satriani, he was telling about how he used different gauge strings and played tuned down a step for the Chickenfoot album and tour.  But when he returned to his solo projects, he went back to using lighter gauge strings and standard tuning.  That’s when I realized the difference in a lot of the music I listen too and play.

Al Dimeola with his PRS Prism signature model

A lot of bands today, use dropped tuning, at least tuning the 6th string down from E to D.  They’re trying to have a darker sound and a darker tone of music.  Most of those bands I don’t get.  Their music is depressing and dark but that has never suited my mood.

I am a light-hearted person.  I am up, always up, and I realized that my guitar tone, and the character of the music I like and play is based on my character and personality.  That’s why I like guys like Satriani, Santana, and Steve Vai, etc.  That’s why my songs are happier, even joyful.

Why is that.  As an old song we used to sing in church goes, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…down in my heart to stay.”


What I’m Listening Too

I listen to a lot of music and I like a broad variety of styles.  The basic styles that I dislike is so short I can give it to you here, country (especially old country), opera, and heavy metal.  Now there are songs here an there in these genres that I like, but the styles as styles I don’t care for.

Following are some of what I am primarily listening too at present.

Individual Artists:

Al Dimeola

Gary Moore

Lincoln Brewster

John Mayer

And Jonny Lang


Kings X



And Foreigner

I am also listening to Robin Sigers the Senior Minister at Cartervile Christian Church in Carterville, Missouri.  He’s a friend and his messages are strengthening and encouraging me

I don’t condone some of the actions of some of these artists, but the music is exciting.


PS: I’m having fun with all this too.  🙂

The One to Hurt You

The Becoming perform a  song of trust and of breaking trust.  Caleb, the lead singer is one of my camps kids from the 1990’s.  He’s the one in the middle.

When you go the myspace page, scroll down to the player and click play for for the song “The One to Hurt You.

You can look for them on youtube also.