What is it All About?

9/11! Just saying that is like saying Bono. Everyone knows who Bono and what he is about even if we don’t know his real name. He is the lead singer of the biggest band in the world U2. He is a political activist that world leaders listen too.

9/11 a date that lives in infamy like the day Pearl Harbor was bombed and the day President Kennedy was killed. Everyone knows what that number means. It recognizes the day in 2001 when terrorists attacked America on its own soil. A horrible day, a day of terror.

What it is about is an attack on the beliefs of America. That we hold strong ties to freedom and free enterprise and religious diversity and free thinking and hope. Attacks on the very values that we hold, even though some of them are in decline.

It’s about one group’s hatred of what is different than their way of thinking, their values.

It’s about my values. over two thousand people died that day, but it was an attack on me because I believe in the things that they were trying to obliterate.

I thank God for my freedom. Freedom to choose and to live in the way that seems best to me and our country, America has been the greatest entity of that cause.

I fear that those behind the 9/11 attacks are not the only ones trying to destroy who we are. 9/11 was a signal that our values are under attack.

That’s what 9/11 is all about.