What’s This Cross-Cultural Crap

crossculture picMy son started Bible College in 2000.  Now that seems soooo long ago.  He knew he then that he would be a missionary in a closed country.  He used his education not just to learn Bible and related stuff, but to prepare for that time when he would begin to work in the country that God was sending him to.

He’s gone and has been for a few years now, but I have his school books.  That’s good.  I don’t buy a lot of books because they are expensive and totally overpriced.  So . . . cheap skate that I am, I am accessing my son’s college textbooks.

Studying missions, some of his classes and obviously, some of his books are about cross-cultural ministry.  I am forward thinking in a backward way.  I mean, I grew up in very conservative, traditional churches and have served those same type of churches since I began ministry.  So, our methods have almost always been guided by the past regardless of how much I want or try to move forward with it.

So, my understanding of what cross-cultural ministry has been about is someone going somewhere else, the Philippines, New Guinea, Ireland or some other place and learning how to apply Biblical truth and teaching in another culture.

Am I short-sighted or not?  I realize, and I haven’t even opened his cross-cultural books yet and I will soon; I realize that it applies as much or more in America than anywhere else in the world.

I am going to learn and we are going to win every generation in every corner of America.  GO TEAM!”

Ok, bring it in here.  Jesus is Lord on three.  One, two, three . . . !