Making a Difference

One of the gifts that I have and exercise a lot that comes really naturally is encouragement.  I have this yearning to build people up.  Maybe that’s why I have invested so much time and effort with teens  in the residential facility I volunteer at.

We use the Bible to teach lessons to help the students learn self-worth and encourage personal growth.  Some of the lessons are on forgiveness, trust, hope, honor, telling the truth.  My last devotion was on acceptance.

I try very hard, through encouragement, to help them scale new heights in personal trust and confidence, self-worth, and strengthening their ability to have and develop solid relationships with significant and important people in their lives; parents, friends, teachers, and others.

Here are some of the things that have happened with a few of the students.

  • A couple of Catholic students returned to their faith and trust in God, exploring that faith through Bible reading, study and prayer.
  • Helped one student with a Jewish and Catholic background explore what the Old Testament says about homosexuality and her struggle with it.
  • Several students came to believe in God.  Both weren’t sure and even had family telling them there was no God.
  • Several students learning to trust others.
  • Several are exploring faith in God.  They already believed, but hadn’t had trust and faith…yet.
  • And I heard today that one of the mentor’s was communicating with the rest of the staff at the facility that a couple of the boys have been encouraged just in the past week or so.
  • There are a lot more stories I could share.

I am not the only one leading them Biblically and spiritually.  We have a few others who invest in the students too and they are helping affect positive spiritual change in many of the students lives.

Please don’t think I am blowing my horn, trying to praise myself.  I am explaining something that is very real that I get to be a part of.  But is also important.

It’s important because these teens need the encouragement.  It could be the difference between success and failure in their lives.  I fully intend to help them succeed with their life.  If I have the opportunity to invest the gift God has given me in other people, I will.