Passionate for Christ

I am convinced more than ever, that if a person isn’t passionate for Jesus Christ, they will be virtually ineffective as a witness for Jesus.

Not too many truly passionate Christians will wear a T-shirt that says “Satan Sucks Jesus Rocks.”  Is it true?  Yeah it is.  Is it best?  No, hardly ever.

This morning Solonique Adolphe who is a native Haitian preacher, spoke for our church.  Solonique is a man of faith without any doubt.  The Living Water Christian Church he leads has about 300 people.  A good-sized church.  Many churches in America would love to have that many people won to the Lord and active in their church.  Our congregation is one of Solonique’s supporting churches.  As he spoke this morning from John 15:1-8 & 16-17.  You could sense Solonique’s passion for Christ.

His passion for Christians is that they are connected to Christ and bearing fruit.  His passion for the non-Christian is that they get connected with Christ.

Solonique is passionate for Jesus Christ.  The leaders of the Living Water Christian Church are passionate also.  It’s no wonder that over the past year and a half, they have grown about 100.

Read the book of Acts, the letters of Peter, Paul, and John and you can’t help but feel that the apostles and the early church were passionate about Jesus and it showed.   They turned the world “upside down” scripture says.

Regardless of church growth, the passionate Christian is

  • A faithful and devote Christian
  • A serving Christian
  • A seed-planting, soul-winning Christian (witnessing about Jesus)
  • A loving Christian

If a church grows, the passion of Christ must be there and we must be open to God’s Spirit filling us full of that passion.